Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Short Story

This is the story of a very signifigant woman to this world's history. Her name is Adele Bloch Bauer. During her time, she was sought after for her beauty, almost every man in the world wanted her. But she wanted no one. Many men would send her lavish gifts of gold and jewelry, and she would gladly take them, but never respond to their pleas. One day, she received a very peculiar gift, unlike any she had ever seen. It was a magical gold box, with a keyhole, but no key came attached. She knew something very valuable had to be inside. So she called the strongest of men, and the sharpest of blades to try and open it, but none succeeded. After ten days of failure, she finally knew she must go to whoever sent it. The name engraved on the box was simply one letter: K. But there was an address, so she gathered her most beautiful gowns and jewelry and set off to this place. It was a long journey, but when she arrived, expecting a common house, she found a huge and beautiful palace, encrusted in gold. But she was not impressed. "Another petty king asking for my hand," she huffed. Soon she was escourted into the palace where she was told her chambers were being prepared for her visit. After an hour of wait, she was finally called upon to meet the king. Confidently, she walked to the main hall with her golden box and her head held high. She turned the gold door handle, and opened the door, only to gasp in shock at once by seeing the king. The king, sitting upon his high throne, the king who sent the most beautiful woman in the world to him, was blind. All at once, looking into his dull, non-seeing eyes, she immediately fell in love with him. Was it a spell, or just fate, who knows... but she fell madly in love with him. But she didn't show it, she didn't know how to express something so alien to her. Then the king said, "I have brought you here for reason, my dear." "Yes?" she asked. "I've heard from everyone I know of your immense beauty." "Why thank you", she said. "I wasn't finished," he said, "I've also heard of your rudeness, your greed, and your pure lack of love. I've brought you here to see if I can change that with one little... well, sight." "What do you mean?" she said. But he just handed her a long golden key, the key to the box. She opened in, greedily. Inside was a small potion. "This potion will take your sight and give it to me, and in return, I will make you my queen, and help you to love," he said, "You will never see your own beauty again, so it will also get rid of your arrogance, I presume. This is a very big decision, so chose wisely." For once, she looked back at her own life, and saw how horribly cruel and vain she had been. She was disgusted. This future would be dark and ugly to her own eyes, but she would never be alone and have a loving husband to have forever. She fianlly realised that this was the only gift she ever really wanted, not gold or jewelry. "I choose you," she told the king.