Monday, June 4, 2012

Reflecting On The Year

This year has been completely crazy. All the problems with friends and drama and grades were quite overwhelming. Its my first year here in the high school, and im already looking foward to graduation. Yet, in the mess of it all, I found that during fifth period... I could relax. Because fifth period was art class. There I could express myself, grow, and make new friends, all while improving my creative skills. During this year, I've accomplished many different artistic projects including, a Coptic book, a unique self portrait, a handcrafted metal piece, and an identity collage of things that make me, me. In that one project, the identity collage, I really surprised myself with the result. It was kind of dark. And that was what was one of the things I learned about myself in that class; that most of my work had a sort of deeper feel to it. It helped me keep in touch with I different side of me; a side that I can't exspress during the rest of the school day. Another project that I really surprised myself with was the giant self portrait. The one thing I alllwaays had a problem drawing was, in fact, me. Faces are extremely hard to draw, and being so familiar with this one didn't make it any easier. But with the technique Mrs. Kiick showed me, I somehow managed to create something that actually looked somewhat human! And not only human, but it actually resembled me! It was quite interesting to see the paper come to life under my hand and see myself staring back at me. So overall this year, in creative arts class, has been a very memorable one. I truly hope next year will be just as wonderful. And who knows, maybe the drama and grade problems will die down too, so the year will be perfect.