Monday, November 5, 2012

Reflecting Once Again

The first marking period is over already?! What?! At the same time... summer seems so long ago... And so much has already been accomplished in art class. I've finished a shoe drawing, a presidential collage, water-colored papers for a book, and even started the designing of our next project, paper lanterns. That's lot of things to do in just a two-month time span! Throughout this marking period I've been exploring new techniques of art. Many of them, I never even knew existed, let alone know how to do them! I also feel like I've grown in skill. Before doing my shoe drawing, I hated (and feared) drawing from life, but after the deed was done, I realized that it really wasn't so hard. If you just relax, it actually comes to you by itself! And with my collage, (truthfully after I had finished it), I realized that less decoration was the key to creating a powerful piece. Next year, I'll do that better. But now I know.

The Next President Collage: Why Can't We All Just Be Friends...?

The second project for this year was more than just visual art. It really made you think. The assignment was to either chose a president and portray his ideas trough a collage, or go your own way with a subject that America's split about. I went a completely different route and chose to make my collage about the idea of bi-partisan...ism... or however you say that. Otherwise translated as, "why does America get so split around election time? Why can't we all just work together to create a better country?" So that is the idea I based my collage upon. Many different textural elements went into this piece; including magazine pictures, acrylic paint, charchol, tissue paper, a tissue itself, watercolors, stitching, and much, much more. All these things helped to create a (hopefully) decent collage. The main portrayers of my idea are the shaking hands in one corner, which symbolize agreement, and the cartoon, painted donkey and elephant on top of the world, representing the two parties finally getting along. I also wrote "We are one!" in marker along the bottom of the page, hoping to get that message across. The giant red hand-print (my own, by the way) represents the people of America, and their strong hand in our country's politics. Because the U.S's future is in our hands. I hope we make the right decision to get along.

Shoe Art

The first project of this year included something I'm not too confident with: drawing. I've never had an easy time drawing my whole life, and I'd be much happier not drawing at all... but you have to face your fears eventually. So I did. The first step of this project was to bring a pair of shoes into class (a pair I could live without for a few weeks). Once everyone in the all the periods of art brought in their shoes, we got a pretty decent pile. Now, it's time to chose a section of the pile... and draw it. I think the first stroke of the pencil– the first line,
was the hardest of all. But once that line was made, it was surprising how smoothly the piece started to form. Once the shoes had a decent outline, I started to shade. Here's probably the root of my fear of drawing. It 's just so had to get shading right. If you do it wrong, the drawing could end up looking fake, or the dreaded word. Two-D. The ending result isn't the best in the class... or my favorite work of mine; but I still am proud of it. At least you can tell what it is I was drawing. I hope that by the end of this year, I can draw better. But Doing this shoe drawing really made me realize that if I don't think about it too hard, the drawing usually can come to on its own. So in the end, I think I can say I have conquered my fear.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Im Baa-acckk

Summer's already over!? What? How? NOOO! Well, it was good while it lasted, I guess... But school has started now, so there is one thing I'm happy about: ... ART CLASS! Last year was amazing. I learned so much about art, life, and even about myself. And even though this is my second year doing the same course, I thouroughly believe that I'll have just as much fun as last year. New and old projects alike, I know so much more now, so I'm confident that the quality of the projects will be improved. I'm excited to see my improvement since the beginning of last year. In class, we've already started the long, (and fun!), task of dying papers for our year long "coptic book" project. By the end of the year, we"ll have a whole book-full of colorful and unique pages to be drawn upon. This year though, a new requirement for our books is that they must have a theme. My theme is light. So, prepare for the most godly book out there! Just kidding, actually most of my pages I want to be dark, with just a bit of light piercing through it. One of my already completed pages is covered with black and blue velvety sky, and in the center, a halo of light where one firefly shines. Pretty cool, huh? I'd like to think so. So bring it on Creative Arts Class! I'm ready for another great year!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Reflecting On The Year

This year has been completely crazy. All the problems with friends and drama and grades were quite overwhelming. Its my first year here in the high school, and im already looking foward to graduation. Yet, in the mess of it all, I found that during fifth period... I could relax. Because fifth period was art class. There I could express myself, grow, and make new friends, all while improving my creative skills. During this year, I've accomplished many different artistic projects including, a Coptic book, a unique self portrait, a handcrafted metal piece, and an identity collage of things that make me, me. In that one project, the identity collage, I really surprised myself with the result. It was kind of dark. And that was what was one of the things I learned about myself in that class; that most of my work had a sort of deeper feel to it. It helped me keep in touch with I different side of me; a side that I can't exspress during the rest of the school day. Another project that I really surprised myself with was the giant self portrait. The one thing I alllwaays had a problem drawing was, in fact, me. Faces are extremely hard to draw, and being so familiar with this one didn't make it any easier. But with the technique Mrs. Kiick showed me, I somehow managed to create something that actually looked somewhat human! And not only human, but it actually resembled me! It was quite interesting to see the paper come to life under my hand and see myself staring back at me. So overall this year, in creative arts class, has been a very memorable one. I truly hope next year will be just as wonderful. And who knows, maybe the drama and grade problems will die down too, so the year will be perfect.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Creating Some Stuff.

Recently in art class, we've been working on a new project.  Its possibly one of my favorites –and the  most difficult, so far.  Ceramics.  So for the past couple weeks I have been rolling and patting and marking slabs of dark gray colored clay, and somehow creating it into (hopefully) beautiful cups, bowls, plates, and platters.  So how do we do this?  First we roll out a slab of clay with a rolling pin (like making cookies, but harder).  Then we drape it across a plaster form of either a bowl or plate, and form it to the mold.  Cut of the exess, dry the clay, and take it off the mold.  Voila!  You have a half-finished product.  Then you fire it up in an oven (it really is like making cookies!), and paint it with a colorful glaze of your choosing.  The possibilities are endless.  Our shelves are already piling up with hundreds of artistic and imaginative creations!  And for a good cause too.  Next year, all these will be served with soup at our school for anyone to have, and all the money send to a charity for the homeless.  And it makes me glad to realize that doing something that I love can actually help someone!  It's pretty cool actually.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Efforts Of Metal Design: Accomplished

Oh god, the metals, the metals.  How long it took to create this one little metal tree I couldn't tell.  My sweat and blood went into this piece – literally.  Well not completely literally, but my blood did go into it after I cut my finger multiple times (with a hairs width saw).  Clumsy.  But we've moved on from that now... and look at the result! It's actually quite amazing to think back to the beginning of making this piece, when it was just me and a plain sheet of shiny copper.  It sure went a long way! And it's not very shiny anymore is it. That's because when I torched it to fuse the pieces together, some kind of scientificy thing went on and turned it into this!  Very cool.  Anyway, I love this design.  And it's actually quite funny, but at first I had a completely different design planned out for it!  A rose!  Now that would have been about ten times harder.  Let's keep it 2-D for now.  Maybe next year when I'm a little more advanced I'll try something trickier.  But for now, I'm happy with this being this.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

my 'me' collage

another accomplishment that i have finished in art class: my identity.  no, not really my identity identity, but the closest thing i can get to it on a square of cardboard.  all the things that make me, well, me! all the feelings and moods and emotions that i cant put into words, but can be transposed into visual art. everything that makes me up, except for the physical traits, (that was the self-portrait.)  to be honest, i actually thought that this version of my identity was actually more me than my self-portrait was! of course, when you look at the collage, it doesn't automaticly scream SAM! but to me, i can see every little layer and memory of me in it.

making a sheet of metal into art

have you ever thought that you can saw through metal- and i mean real, hard metal- with a saw the width of a hair? well, its possible. during this past week, my art class' room isn't, as usual, filled with Frank Sinatra, but with the sound of near twenty little saws working in synch. and its quite loud. but the result is already starting to pay off! my design is about halfway done, and its looking pretty good if i may say so myself :) but thats only the first part of it all. after i've finished sawing the complete design, i have to sodder it together, hammer it to death to leave artful prints, and then torch it to give the metal a final touch. once thats done, hopefully, i'll have created my very own decorative metal piece! wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Newest Inspiration and Wonder Woman, Frida Kahlo

 "I never painted dreams. I only painted my own reality."
      These are the words of Frida Kahlo, a passionate and influencial artist who lived in the early 1900s, and who is my new inspiration for art.  I've been starting to admire her work, looking at the intense emotion and care and anger that she put into her paintings.  The symbolism and the sad parallelism that they have to her life astonish me.  It's hard to believe that one woman can put so much of herself onto a single canvas.
     Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, in her parent's house, known as La Casa Azul, or The Blue House. This house now holds many of her paintings, and you can go visit it today to admire some of her work that's there.  At the age of six, Frida's life long medical problems began when she developed polio, which caused her right leg to look much thinner than the other.  It was to stay that way for the rest of her life.  In 1925, when Frida was a teenager, a bus she was riding in collided with a trolley car and she was severely injured.  She suffered from a broken spine, collarbone, ribs and pelvis, eleven fractures in her right leg, and a crushed and dislocated right foot and shoulder.  These continued to pain her for the rest of her life.  Also, an iron handrail pierced her abdomen and her uterus, which made her never to be able to have children.  After the accident, she had to stay indoors for about three months, where she started to paint.  She realized how she could escape from the pain by this.  The result were many beautiful and haunting pictures.
      Most of Frida Kahlo's paintings were of herself or of fruit. The ones of herself were much more intriguing to me though. (the fruit weren't as haunting, though they were quite beautiful) It surprises me as I look at one of her paintings when I see how striking the composition is. It always has a hint of a darker mind behind it, even if it's supposedly an initially happy painting at first glance.  Here is one of my favorite paintings of hers.  (it's above ^^^)
In this self-portrait, called Memory, Frida finds a pictorial way to show the anguish that she suffered during the affair between her husband, Diego Rivera and her sister Cristina.  Her broken heart lies at her feet and its enormous size symbolizes the intensity of her pain. She illustrates her feelings of helplessness and despair through her lack of hands. Her face, though tearful, is expressionless.  The foot placed over water wears what looks like a tiny sailboat and may refer to her recent foot operation at the time. The hole left by Frida's extracted heart is pierced with a steel rod and seesawing cupids sit on either end. The greater the pain Frida wishes to show, it seems the bloodier her self-portraits become.  And they do get bloodier.  Here is another, called The Suicide of Dorothy Hale.   (it's above  ^^^)  Now, this one, isn't of Frida, but of a well known actress and stage-girl of this time, Dorothy Hale.  And apparently this woman didn't have a happy life, because, as Frida paints it, Mrs. Hale throws herself from the top of a very tall hotel, and dies.  Frida turned the event into a beautiful, heartbreaking and bloody painting.  This is another of my favorites of hers, I guess I just find it really interesting that one can paint another's death and turn it into a masterpiece.
        Well, I don't really know how to end this report, except to say the obvious:  Frida Kahlo's images will probably stay with me forever.  Their haunting faces and alluring compositions aren't the average painting to hang on a wall in your house, but that just means that Frida wasn't a normal person.  She had a much harder life than I ever thought was humanly possible, but she did not let it ground her whatsoever.  She soared in and through all her art, and the result... Well it was magnificent.