Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Im Baa-acckk

Summer's already over!? What? How? NOOO! Well, it was good while it lasted, I guess... But school has started now, so there is one thing I'm happy about: ... ART CLASS! Last year was amazing. I learned so much about art, life, and even about myself. And even though this is my second year doing the same course, I thouroughly believe that I'll have just as much fun as last year. New and old projects alike, I know so much more now, so I'm confident that the quality of the projects will be improved. I'm excited to see my improvement since the beginning of last year. In class, we've already started the long, (and fun!), task of dying papers for our year long "coptic book" project. By the end of the year, we"ll have a whole book-full of colorful and unique pages to be drawn upon. This year though, a new requirement for our books is that they must have a theme. My theme is light. So, prepare for the most godly book out there! Just kidding, actually most of my pages I want to be dark, with just a bit of light piercing through it. One of my already completed pages is covered with black and blue velvety sky, and in the center, a halo of light where one firefly shines. Pretty cool, huh? I'd like to think so. So bring it on Creative Arts Class! I'm ready for another great year!