Friday, January 18, 2013

Blind Contour Portraits

Drawing something without looking at is... interesting. As you make one continuous line to portray a face, you realize how not one-liney our faces are. None the less, I have created a blind contour portrait of myself. At first I didn't really get it, it took me a couple wasted papers before I got my one. Then came the writing part–– the classic questions of life: I am...? I dream...? I don't like...? I want...? and more. Answering those were pretty tough. Some I answered silly: (I have a giant collection of earrings.) While others I answered seriously: (I wish everyone could be accepted for who they truly are.) Then these were placed around my portrait. After coloring it (very brightly, which wasn't the best choice) it is almost complete, except the hair. Here it is in the process.
I also added a couple, smaller blind contour "mini-me"s between the words to spice it up a bit.
At the moment I wouldn't say this is anywhere close to a favorite piece of my art collection... but I'm going to fix it up next class period. I did however enjoy establishing "who I am" with the questions.

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