Friday, January 18, 2013

Empty Bowls

Every two years or so at our school we have a charity event called Empty Bowls. This event involves everyone who takes an art class at the school, and we all love it. The students make all the bowls; form them, dry them, paint them, and then repeat. By the end of the month we have soo many beautiful bowls and platters. Then on February 9th, anyone can come to the school for a giant Pasta Potluck Dinner and buy a bowl or two and get that bowl filled with pasta or soup. And they get to keep the bowl! All the money we get that night goes to The Foodbank of South Jersey. Over the years this event has helped raise thousands of dollars for the charity. This charity gives money to people in South Jersey who actually have empty bowls very often. This cause will help fight hunger for the needy. And we get to have fun doing it! It's very gratifying that while making the bowls, I can think to myself, "this is giving a needy family a meal." It also makes me appreciate all that my family has, compared to many families in the U.S. who have less. This year I made three very unique bowls that I love... hopefully I can buy one to keep! Here are some that other students made.

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