Friday, January 18, 2013

Paper Lanterns

I've discovered that sometimes negative space is beautiful. It was the empty space that I cut out for my lantern that made it so cool, not the actual paper. Because the empty space could be filled with light... and Voila! A lantern! Exacto knives did the deed, and alot of hard work. Luckily I wasn't one of the kids to get sliced by one. The theme of my creation was the morphing of winter to spring.
My lantern's design consists of two winter trees on either side of a keyhole, and that looking into the keyhole was spring. The trees are definitely my favorite part by far. They're the most intricate, delicate part, and they got the most work put into them too... A whole week was just spent on one! While a lot of students signified winter with Christmas... others went deeper with some really interesting and beautiful designs. It was really amazing to see everyone's paper start to evolve as they cut. In the end, there were some really great lanterns.

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